Sketchfab joystick

Just finished my new model, a fun joystick!
Again put in sketchfab so you can turn around it! I add some annotations for fun, follow the guide 😉


Sketchfab embed on WordPress!

Wow! Now we can play with the sketchfab 3D player directly in WordPress!
Just clic the play button and have fun my friends!

EMA -Mobilier- The Video

Hi all!

As promised this is the video. Enjoy!

Extreme Modular Asset -Mobilier-

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas. Today i want to share with you a new environment i made in Unreal engine 4:

A video will coming soon.



It’s been a while as always.
I’m testing Unreal Engine 4 and have pretty fun to play with it!
Today i made a fish, it takes one day of work from scratch.
I used PBR shading for the body and for the fin i used translucent shading and subsurface scattering.

They are fling in the sky just because it’s the default scene of UE4, maybe i will make a view inside a ocean one day.
but for now let’s enjoy it like a flying fish^^ (this is a real time rendering)
Le Strat Pierre


Le Strat Pierre

Aton’s Throne

This is a scene i’ve made for a contest on the polycount forum.
I used unreal engine 4 to achieve it.
Enjoy it!


mise en scene


I’ve just push a little bit further my counter scene.
Hope you enjoy it!


clic to view on sketchfab!.

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