Sketchfab joystick

Just finished my new model, a fun joystick!
Again put in sketchfab so you can turn around it! I add some annotations for fun, follow the guide 😉

Sketchfab embed on WordPress!

Wow! Now we can play with the sketchfab 3D player directly in WordPress!
Just clic the play button and have fun my friends!

EMA -Mobilier- The Video

Hi all!

As promised this is the video. Enjoy!

Extreme Modular Asset -Mobilier-

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas. Today i want to share with you a new environment i made in Unreal engine 4:

A video will coming soon.



It’s been a while as always.
I’m testing Unreal Engine 4 and have pretty fun to play with it!
Today i made a fish, it takes one day of work from scratch.
I used PBR shading for the body and for the fin i used translucent shading and subsurface scattering.

They are fling in the sky just because it’s the default scene of UE4, maybe i will make a view inside a ocean one day.
but for now let’s enjoy it like a flying fish^^ (this is a real time rendering)
Le Strat Pierre


Le Strat Pierre

Aton’s Throne

This is a scene i’ve made for a contest on the polycount forum.
I used unreal engine 4 to achieve it.
Enjoy it!


mise en scene


I’ve just push a little bit further my counter scene.
Hope you enjoy it!


clic to view on sketchfab!.

Comptoir 3D


This is the 3D version of the eagle counter.
I made it with 3Ds max and textured it with substance designer and substance painter (the workflow is so cool, highly recomended! )
Using PBR materials. (Physically based rendering)

comptoir 3D

comptoir 3D


Comptoir Preprod


I’ve made a wood counter with an eagle face.
this is just a prop that i want put in a game level project that i’m working on.
More news later!

Done in Photoshop, i will post a 3D version soon.


New portfolio

Hi there,

This week i discovered a new site that allow to quickly create an online portfolio.
Artstation is the name.
It’s the beta version, but it’s allready easy to use so enjoy

Also put my epic tower on sketchfab!

by snakos
on Sketchfab

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