Hi Everybody.
Few month ago i’ve done a r2d2 model but i haven’t uploaded it. Now it’s done!

play with it on sketchfab!


I’ve just made a new model.
living in Japan make remind me every days the atomic power generation and those problems
I tried to put that in an artistic way.

Again, i put it on Sketchfab so to see it and turn around the 3D model please folow this link

let there be light, and there was light

let there be light, and there was light


Just a little morocco’s style architecture building.

1024*2 diffuse, specular and normal

House_001 (click to view in 3D)



Sketchfab is good

Today i tried sketchfab that allowed us to browse directly 3d in our browser web.
I tried it with my chinese cart but the settings are not fit perfectly.(transparency problems appear…)
next time i’ll do it correctly ;)

Chinese Cart (click to view in 3D)


Chinese Cart

Speed Racer Ship Geronimo

I made this low poly ship in Maya.

However the texture size is 1024×1024, maybe should i half-resize it ;)


Spaceship low poly

Hi, it’s been a while.

Those are two space ships i’d made last year for a school project.
500 poly restriction. Hand made textures.

Wall asset


Return back to the Jungle Pursuit project.
Here’s what i made this two past days. Simple assets to get a good shape quickly in Unity 3D.
Next step is the foliage creation.

Hope you enjoy it so far. :)

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